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CyberWay Now Offers CDA Cyber Security Lifecycle Management

April 12th, 2011

CyberWay™ helps nuclear generating stations efficiently manage the assessment processes mandated by NEI 08-09. As CyberWay assessment readiness projects get underway, plant IT leaders have recognized the need to address the Cyber Security Lifecycle, and DevonWay has responded.

Leveraging the insight of cyber security leaders and the power and flexibility of its YourWay™ tool set, DevonWay has enhanced CyberWay to facilitate the cyber security process from asset design requirements through operations and on-going, in-plant maintenance.

With CyberWay Lifecycle Management™, you can now push security controls awareness upstream to responsible individuals involved in other asset configuration management functions.

When existing analog assets are replaced with new digital equipment, the CyberWay workflow incorporates documentation of required cyber security controls into new equipment design during each phase of the design process. This documentation is maintained and updated as the new equipment is procured, assembled, and installed. So when new digital equipment goes into production, your CSAT can more quickly to verify and approve the overall cyber security plan. This ensures that your plant's cyber security plan is verifiable and NEI 08-09 documentation is always complete. To ensure ongoing compliance, CyberWay Lifecycle Management maintains certain controls, such as periodic password resets, required CDA audits upon personnel changes, and automatic notifications to change CDA access when authorized CDA users leave or change roles.

With CyberWay Lifecycle Management, you can keep your Cyber Security Plan evergreen and your CSAT team actively aware of changing conditions. Please contact us to request a demo and learn more.