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Our history and values

DevonWay was founded in 2005 by Bob Felton and Rich MacAlmon, who were also the founders of Indus International. Passionate about renewable energy in general, and nuclear power in particular, they saw a tremendous need for efficiency gains through the application of modern technology at utilities.

In the years since, while responding to a regulatory requirement here and an improvement request there, we developed a method by which we could improve virtually any operational process, with a special focus on those related to quality, work, and safety management programs.

That method is our platform, which lets us collect and track data specific to your business, layer your own rules and logic on it, route it through your organization however you choose, and analyze it without involving IT. Whether you’re implementing a corrective action program, need a way to move off paper-based procedures, or just have a painfully manual task you need to automate and improve, our technology can help.

But as much as we love our technology, through the years our focus on our customers is what’s truly driven and sustained us. Bob founded the company with a culture based on two simple rules: use your best judgment, and delight your customer. It’s a high bar, but one we’re proud to reach for every day.

San Francisco

601 California Street, Suite 210
San Francisco, CA 94108
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Salt Lake City

1935 East Vine Street, Suite 240
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815 SW 2nd Avenue, Suite 410
Portland, OR 97204
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