Audits and Assessments (A&A)

DevonWay Audits and Assessments (A&A) lets you create your own assessment questionnaires and comes bundled with reports that give you an immediate view into your compliance targets.

Auditors, Compliance Managers, and other process owners in oversight positions depend on regularly scheduled assessments to ensure compliance with regulations, internal policies, or strategic initiatives. Unfortunately, those assessments are often performed using Word or Excel, making it virtually impossible to report on the data, extract it for comparison with prior assessments, trend on the results, or share findings without resorting to emailing attachments.

DevonWay Audits and Assessments (A&A) gives you a fully configurable, web-based template for creating and administering your questionnaires and assessments, pre-built reports that provide an immediate snapshot of progress and compliance, integrated workflow for dividing work among multiple auditors and ensuring prompt follow-up, and an audit trail for making sure changes are tracked over time. With A&A your assessments become not only easier to manage, but easier to derive insights from as well, leading to the most complete, forward-looking view of compliance possible.

Many of our customers, which include some of the most mature and rigorous organizations in the world, use DevonWay A&A to:

– Track supplier quality
– Perform internal audits
– Administer surveillances
– Ensure critical digital assets conform to CyberSecurity best practices
– And much more

When creating an Audit, users may choose one or many checklists from the library of defined checklists. Each checklist is assigned to a specific individual for completion.

Audits & Assessments Screenshot 1

An example of an audit in the working step is shown below. This Audit consists of five checklist sections; the compliance status of each section is available from this view.

Audits & Assessments Screenshot 2

Completing an individual Audit Checklist Assignment, users enter a rating and the system automatically calculates the compliance of the section based on calculations defined within the system.

Audits & Assessments Screenshot 3

Administrators can develop new checklist templates for future audit use. Once a checklist is activated, it is added to the checklist library and available for use on new Audits. From the screen below, new checklist items are created and all of the checklist settings are defined. On each checklist question, the rating questions can be tailored (i.e. yes/no or compliant/noncompliant). Additional settings include whether each question must be answered, whether users can remove checklist questions on new instances of the checklist, and whether the optional fields are visible (sample size and method). Checklist questions may also be weighted such that one question counts more than another in the overall compliance calculation.

Audits & Assessments Screenshot 4

Condition reports can be created automatically from an Audit and tied to either the main audit or to a specific audit finding.

Audits & Assessments Screenshot 5

Users can create reports on an individual section or the entire Audit. From the Audit level, users can create an overall audit report that comprises all sections including their attached documents.

Audits & Assessments Screenshot 6

They can also generate a brief summary of the Audit that shows each section’s compliance at a glance and summarizes the status of any findings.

Audits & Assessments Screenshot 7

From individual sections, users can create a summary report of that section or run a comparison statistics report to see how they compare to others who have answered the same checklist.

Audits & Assessments Screenshot 8

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