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Four BI Calculated Fields for your DevonWay Reports

Four BI Calculated Fields for your DevonWay Reports

September 7, 2018 | Chenise Leveriza

Using calculated fields in your reports will help you add useful information, organize your data, and get your questions answered. It's easier than you may think, and we have a number of tutorials that walk through exactly how to do it. Here are four BI Calculated Field Functions you can try:

1. The "Elapsed Days" Function

Do you have questions regarding how long a task, assignment, or action has been open or overdue? Do you find yourself wondering, for example, how to easily view the average number of days it takes to close an item? Try using the Elapsed Days function to create calculated fields for Days Overdue, Days Until Due, Days Open, and Days To Close.

2. The "Percent Of" Function

Use the Percent Of function to calculate the percentage of overall total vs the percentage of a certain category for a count. Observations Performed is an example of a count, while Human Performance may be one of the attributes. This tutorial goes into more detail about how it works and how to set it up.

3. The "DayName" and "Case" Functions

Use days of the week to display your data and answer questions like: Are condition reports created equally throughout the week? When do most CR's get closed? Watch this tutorial to learn how to set up and apply these functions to your job.

4. The "Concatenate" Function

Do you ever find that your reports are messy because there's just too much information bunched together in one field? Try using this function to clean up large text fields while retaining all other fields.