CAP Trending (CTR)

Creating a comprehensive trending program is a challenge. Trend coordinators are tasked with finding the right balance of trend approaches, yet need to keep the operational burden low. But without a proper and complete mix of statistical and cognitive trending, key information slips through the cracks and your team is left working from an incomplete view of performance.

Moreover, trying to manage disparate trending practices to accommodate data in multiple formats introduces operational redundancies and inefficiencies. Without a comprehensive approach, even the most robust trending activities are ultimately insufficient.

DevonWay’s CAP Trending (CTR) application solves this problem by allowing organizations to comprehensively monitor, review, and manage trend data, while keeping the operational overhead of managing the trending program to a minimum. Some of the largest utilities in the country depend on CTR for doing just that.

Whether at the departmental level or across the enterprise, trends can be identified quickly, easily, and accurately. By providing a hybrid view of both statistical and cognitive trend information, your team is able to take proper actions to address trends such as cumulative impacts. With comprehensive trend information at your fingertips, your team can confidently make informed decisions, encourage proven operational efficiencies, and rid your organization of the adverse trends that undermine your bottom line.

Example of a matrix set up definition with period type, ending period, and trend codes:

CAP Trending Screenshot 1Trend coordinators manage performance ranges and set analysis criteria for each matrix: 

CAP Trending Screenshot 2

From this matrix, users can find areas of concern at a glance with cell coloring. 

CAP Trending Screenshot 3

Users can drill down into more detailed descriptions of the area of concern by clicking on the cell.

CAP Trending Screenshot 4Additional analysis, recommendations or comment fields are available and configurable. 

CAP Trending Screenshot 5Chart output period markers allow drill down to individual condition report details.

CAP Trending Screenshot 6


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