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Canadian Nuclear Laboratories LogoCanadian Nuclear Laboratories

The ability to track and manage data in a timely and efficient manner is a critical component of any Intelligent Business Process Management application. While this applies to a variety of activities across the full spectrum of business processes, it is particularly vital in the arena of safety and occupational health.

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) required a system that would quickly and efficiently track and manage incidents, injuries and near-injuries in the work environment. The necessary system would enable users to manage the incident process in its entirety, from initial reporting to corrective action and resolution. In addition to requiring an application for such complete process management, CNL needed a process that was user-friendly and quick, to ensure that all incidents of noncompliance were promptly addressed. Handling such reporting manually can be error prone and time consuming, and a more intelligent business process was needed to ensure that health and safety standards were consistently met.

DevonWay’s Occupational Safety and Health plug-in provided the solution to this requirement. This system works in concert with ActionWay to capture pertinent safety information and ensure that the data is easily accessible through Condition Reporting. This in turn enables Corrective Actions to be taken quickly and efficiently, cutting down on response time and instances of recurrent noncompliance.

The application provides key performance indicators for monitoring injuries and near-injuries on a long-term basis and tracks subsequent fallout related to the incident at hand. It’s fully configurable workflow automatically routes records to appropriate parties, encouraging timely and accurate reporting. The ActionWay OSH plug-in provides users with the peace of mind that cases will be reviewed quickly and potential safety hazards will be addressed promptly and with proper attention.

The OSH plug-in is integrated with the ActionWay application to bring more functionality to the management of safety and occupational health at CNL. The application provides CNL with an intelligent business process management solution that ensures the safety and health of each and every employee.


Exelon LogoExelon

Intelligent Business Process Management is critical at all levels. However, organizations with multiple sites, thousands of users and complex management systems are even more reliant on efficient, intelligent business processes. With the largest nuclear fleet in the nation, Exelon has a commanding need to optimize the finest Intelligent Business Process Management tools available. From fleet-wide operations to site-specific actions, the Exelon Nuclear division requires applications that guarantee ease-of-use and provide comprehensive functionality for end users.

DevonWay answered this call with the Scaffolding Construction & Monitoring (SCM) Plug-in and the Performance Improvement (PI) Issues Management Tool. These applications work to streamline plant actions and provide management personnel with the necessary tools to continuously improve plant operations. These tools provide tracking and reporting functionality to ensure that processes run at optimal efficiency and potential performance gaps are identified and remedied.

DevonWay implemented the Scaffold Construction and Monitoring (SCM) Plug-in to allow maintenance personnel to better manage scaffold installation, use and removal. The tool automatically sends relevant notifications to maintenance personnel for accurate scaffold monitoring. The SCM Plug-in connects with ActionWay and ObservationWay, enabling site operations to interface directly with Corrective Action and Human Performance Observation capabilities. More importantly, maintenance personnel can engage the SCM Plug-in at all times through the mobile functionality, allowing field managers to perform immediate maintenance tasks on-site.

The Performance Improvement Issues Management tool tracks gaps and performance initiatives, allowing users to quickly identify areas for improvement. Engaging the DevonWay platform, tracking and trending functionality is available across the entire Exelon fleet. The tool operates with robust search capabilities and a centralized database that allows users to easily enter and maintain initiatives for performance improvement.

Exelon engages these tools to optimize business processes and ensure that all operational activities,down to the most specific task, are functioning efficiently. These tools ensure that Intelligent Business Process Management objectives are carried out fleet-wide and enables all plants in the Exelon Nuclear division to run at optimal productivity.


INL logoIdaho National Laboratory

Intelligent Business Process Management applications are becoming increasingly sought-after as organizations are recognizing the need to optimize complex business activities. These apps support operations that reach beyond transactional processes and extend to more complicated and unstructured activities.

DevonWay, in concert with Idaho National Laboratory (INL), has developed a custom application designed to streamline intelligent business process management within the lab. INL sought to consolidate collaborative business activities consisting of complex, multi-person operations into a single, user-friendly application. DevonWay provided the solution to this problem with the deployment of LabWay, a fully integrated application allowing INL users to more efficiently navigate lab-wide business processes.

INL lacked a consolidating application that would create one single point of entry for workflow initiation, regardless of work type. Users across multiple lab locations have different informational requirements and workflow needs, and the lab needed a system that would accommodate multiple users engaging in highly collaborative activities, while still providing the user with a customizable operating experience. The trouble was streamlining this information to provide the relevant information to the correct person, and to do it quickly.

LabWay is the solution to these problems. It consolidates Nonconformance Reports, Issues Management, and Request for Services into a single application, providing easy access, comprehensive prioritization, clarity of action and issue closure status. It delivers robust workflow and information for all types of work, and tracks work from initial receipt to approval and on through resolution.

The application places an emphasis on ease-of-use and allows multiple users to negotiate pertinent records quickly and efficiently. LabWay engages robust role and reporting authority structures, enabling users to bypass irrelevant information and focus on the necessary material. The workflow allows for multiple users to comfortably and confidently view and modify records with an audit trail and comprehensive data history. With the DevonWay Dashboard, users can easily maneuver the application to select necessary items and access relevant workflows. This application has been implemented across multiple lab locations, allowing users to collaborate more effectively on business process management projects.

LabWay combines the specific functionality required by INL with the foundational usability of the YourWay platform to create a highly efficient application that functions within the multi-user environment of INL. With its ease-of-use and intuitive interface, adoption of LabWay has exceeded expectations throughout the lab. INL’s business processes are more efficient than ever, as the lab now has a flexible, user-friendly toolset that more appropriately fits their needs. LabWay will continue to streamline lab processes with INL’s plan to decommission ICAMS in December, making LabWay the system of record for CAP.

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