Experience is Power

We were founded in 2005 by Bob Felton and Rich MacAlmon, of Indus International, with a focused mission to bring a modern, Web 2.0 version of Enterprise Asset Management to nuclear power plants. In the years since, while responding to a regulatory requirement here and an improvement request there, we developed a method by which we could improve the general operations of any enterprise, large or small, in any industry. That method is our platform, which lets us collect and track data specific to your business, layer your own rules and logic on it, route it through your organization however you choose, and analyze it without involving IT. Whether you’re implementing a six sigma and corrective action program, need a way to manage work orders, or just have a painfully manual task you need to automate and improve, our technology can help you.

We believe so much in our platform, we use it to manage our own operations. It’s given us incredible agility, and we’re passionate about giving you the same advantages we enjoy. There’s no reason companies like yours and ours shouldn’t reap the benefits today’s technology makes possible.

Curious about how we can help? We’d love to hear from you.