Configuration & Design Change (CDC)

The DevonWay Configuration & Design Change (CDC) solution provides full support for configuration management from simple updates to permanent design and configuration changes. The solution supports INPO AP-929 best practice workflows across the following types of configuration update: Design Change, Engineering Change, Temporary Change, Simple Asset Changes, and Document Changes.

The Configuration & Design Change solution includes the ability to upload and review attached files, and to include attachments in the PDF print view output of the design change records. The solution helps automate compliance with procedure governing engineering changes. Additionally, the solution would serve as the system of record for the what, when, and why of engineering changes. I.e. if someone needs to find out why a new part was installed two years ago, they would run a report from this system to find out the details.

The Engineering Change Process clearly aligns with a site’s existing structure of forms, checklists, and workflows to ensure the solution maps to the underlying procedures:

Configuration & Design Change Screenshot 1

Screening questions, for example, are modifiable and required or not required per the procedure based on how the engineer completes the screening checklists.

Impact analysis of each engineering design change includes additional details as necessary to complete the impact study.

If additional details are required for the engineering impact study, they are managed entirely within the system.

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