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DevonWay Application Review

A DevonWay Application Review is a short, two-day engagement to ensure you are using your DevonWay application to its full potential. During an Application Review, a DevonWay consultant will:

  • Review your user experience and identify areas for improvement based on newly evolved needs, trends, or best practices
  • Improve your application by gathering and incorporating user feedback
  • Ensure you are leveraging the latest DevonWay platform capabilities
  • Perform training to ensure users are taking full advantage of the features and capabilities available to them

At the end, the value and impact of your application should extend further into the organization, and your user community will benefit from application enhancements that improve the way they work.

Application Reviews include the following three components:

  1. Assess – Discover and review improvement ideas
  2. Configure – Agree on and implement changes
  3. Deploy– Migrate changes and transfer knowledge

A single Application Review is $6,000, which covers up to 16 hours of configuration time, as well as travel and expenses within the United States. Additional required configuration time can be billed, with your approval, at the bill rate defined by your support plan. For more information, please contact us.


DevonWay Implementation Review

A DevonWay Implementation Review covers all aspects of your DevonWay deployment, including applications, reference data, interfaces, searches, reports, and dashboards. Similar to an Application Review, but more encompassing, an Implementation Review includes interviewing key users for each application, company leaders accountable for the applications, and IT representatives, if needed.

The price of an Implementation Review depends on the size and complexity of your implementation, although engagements are typically a week or less. For more information, please contact us.


Technology Landscape Review

Without writing code, non-programmers can use the DevonWay platform to build any kind of rules-driven, workflow-aware business application. It is an ideal platform if you want to automate and improve all of your manual or poorly supported processes. Anything you’re currently doing with email, Excel, Access, Oracle Forms, or some other data silo, you can do better with DevonWay.

During a Technology Landscape Review, we’ll inventory your application landscape and provide suggestions for which legacy apps are good candidates for moving safely and successfully to an easy-to-use, 21st century experience. You can leverage your support plan or professional services to have us perform the work, or you can do it yourself with a Developer license. One or two trained IT staff can, in a span of a few weeks:

  • Reduce your reliance on Access databases built by people about to retire
  • Provide you with visibility into the data silos running rampant in your organization
  • Ease your mind knowing that much of your data will finally become secure, backed up, and instantly available for reporting and analysis

The review provides you with an opportunity to take stock of how your applications function individually and as a whole, and uncovers new opportunities for optimization. The Technology Landscape Review consists of a six-step process. Specifically, we will:

  1. Review preliminary materials to gain context, including an inventory of technologies currently in use in your organization, possible data, workflow, and business rule configurations, and metrics to understand your goals and recent performance
  2. Distribute a Working Effectively survey to select users and compare results to industry expectations
  3. Interview users and administrators to get personal perspectives on issues and improvement opportunities
  4. Analyze data and interview comments against Performance Improvement Quality Indicators
  5. Select a specific improvement opportunity and configure and demonstrate proof-of-concept software to capture that opportunity
  6. Write and deliver a report that summarizes findings, assessments, and recommendations

To start reducing your technical debt, please contact us.


Change Management Coordination

Managing and coordinating change within an enterprise, while critical to user satisfaction, is a time-consuming and challenging process. Our Change Management Coordination offering lets you outsource many of the required tasks to us, letting you focus on higher value tasks, such as approving or rejecting requests.

Change Management Coordination Chart 1

Change Management Coordination is $12,000/year. For more information, please contact us.


Program Management

Our subject matter experts are equipped with the knowledge and technology to ensure that each and every client engagement facilitates the change necessary to achieve management’s goals. It’s not enough to provide the tools and software solutions to collect, measure, and analyze results – DevonWay projects are designed to drive those metrics in the right direction. Making the right decisions up front is critical to get the user adoption and acceptance that facilitates true organizational change.

To that end, DevonWay Program Management Services are designed to help assess effectiveness and improve existing internal programs. This includes implementing project management plans, conducting safety culture evaluations, establishing operational decision management programs, improving performance measurement systems, and integrating Lean Six Sigma analysis. We assist in defining, interpreting, and analyzing key performance indicators in these areas and harness industry best practices to improve efficiency across the board.

For more information on DevonWay Program Management Services, please contact us.


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