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DevonWay Application Review

DevonWay Application Review

A DevonWay Application Review is a short, two-day engagement to ensure you are using your DevonWay application to its full potential. During an Application Review, a DevonWay consultant will:

  • Review your user experience and identify areas for improvement based on newly evolved needs, trends, or best practices
  • Improve your application by gathering and incorporating user feedback
  • Ensure you are leveraging the latest DevonWay platform capabilities
  • Perform training to ensure users are taking full advantage of the features and capabilities available to them

At the end, the value and impact of your application should extend further into the organization, and your user community will benefit from application enhancements that improve the way they work.

Application Reviews include the following three components:

  1. Assess - Discover and review improvement ideas
  2. Configure - Agree on and implement changes
  3. Deploy- Migrate changes and transfer knowledge

A single Application Review is $6,000, which covers up to 16 hours of configuration time, as well as travel and expenses within the United States. Additional required configuration time can be billed, with your approval, at the bill rate defined by your support plan. For more information, please contact us.