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Technology Landscape Review

Technology Landscape Review

Without writing code, non-programmers can use the DevonWay platform to build any kind of rules-driven, workflow-aware business application. It is an ideal platform if you want to automate and improve all of your manual or poorly supported processes. Anything you're currently doing with email, Excel, Access, Oracle Forms, or some other data silo, you can do better with DevonWay.

During a Technology Landscape Review, we'll inventory your application landscape and provide suggestions for which legacy apps are good candidates for moving safely and successfully to an easy-to-use, 21st century experience. You can leverage your support plan or professional services to have us perform the work, or you can do it yourself with a Developer license. One or two trained IT staff can, in a span of a few weeks:

  • Reduce your reliance on Access databases built by people about to retire
  • Provide you with visibility into the data silos running rampant in your organization
  • Ease your mind knowing that much of your data will finally become secure, backed up, and instantly available for reporting and analysis

The review provides you with an opportunity to take stock of how your applications function individually and as a whole, and uncovers new opportunities for optimization. The Technology Landscape Review consists of a six-step process. Specifically, we will:

  1. Review preliminary materials to gain context, including an inventory of technologies currently in use in your organization, possible data, workflow, and business rule configurations, and metrics to understand your goals and recent performance
  2. Distribute a Working Effectively survey to select users and compare results to industry expectations
  3. Interview users and administrators to get personal perspectives on issues and improvement opportunities
  4. Analyze data and interview comments against Performance Improvement Quality Indicators
  5. Select a specific improvement opportunity and configure and demonstrate proof-of-concept software to capture that opportunity
  6. Write and deliver a report that summarizes findings, assessments, and recommendations

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