Lessons Learned

Document and share valuable lessons learned to avoid future mishaps

Capture valuable learnings

Experience is hard earned when it comes to unexpected outcomes or unanticipated results, but these learnings can be key to avoiding similar issues in the future.

Lessons learned may result from operating activities, project issues, or the review process associated with other performance improvement programs. With the ability to to push valuable learnings to others and provide a robust repository for ad hoc searching and reporting, lessons learned can have significantly positive long-term impacts.

Integrate with other programs

Since learnings may originate from multiple sources, such as safety incidents or corrective actions, it’s important to provide an easy way to document these items while they’re top of mind.

Native integration with other quality, work, and continuous improvement programs not only reduces data entry, but also ties the lesson learned to the originating record, providing a frame of reference for future researchers.

Keep others informed

When timely dissemination of information is key, automated email notifications keep people informed of significant issues and ensure awareness.

One-click links from the email directly back to the system then let interested stakeholders dive into the details behind the notification, quickly and easily.

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