Project Tracking

Make sure good ideas get executed fully and effectively

Encourage collaboration

An intuitive, web-based interface does more than minimize training — it serves as a collaboration platform that allows good ideas to be crowdsourced, assignments to be completed from anywhere, and progress understood at a glance.

Just as importantly, the nearly limitless configurability of a modern no-code solution means that data elements unimportant to your organization can be hidden from view, while other fields can be added and incorporated into validations and assignment rules. That ensures the right view, at the right time, by the right person.

Communicate progress

Although executing against approved project plans is of course a key goal, unless the progress of those initiatives is communicated transparently and automatically to senior managers responsible for their success or failure, continuing them will be an uphill battle.

Preconfigured reports are one easy way to do that, but as the attributes that make particular projects interesting ebb and flow, having access to an in-memory, fully integrated ad hoc reporting tool is key to making those automated notifications a reality.

Jumpstart future projects

Once successful project plan structures are identified and proven, saving them as templates means a jumpstart on the success of future similar initiatives. Since each project includes risks to manage, cost-savings estimates, and action plans, a tool that can automate the population of predefined action plans eliminates the unnecessary overhead associated with redundant data entry.

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