Rewards & Recognition

Celebrate wins, both large and small

Shine a light on the good stuff

We often tend to focus on the negative – what went wrong or where we have room for improvement. Maybe that’s human nature, but there’s tremendous value in shining a light on exemplary work and behavior.

By instituting a program that encourages finding, acknowledging, and rewarding exceptional employees, you foster a positive culture of teamwork, raise morale, and make work a second home.

Positive reinforcement made easy

Invite your team to take notice of excellence by making it easy to nominate someone. By completing a simple web form that’s automatically routed for review and approval, you can send a congratulatory notification to the nominated employee with instructions on how to collect their reward.

Finally, close the loop by creating an accounting task to follow through with the financial processing and payment.

Simple to understand and easy to execute, and nothing falls through the cracks.

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