Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)

Identify nonconformities and prevent repeat issues

Facilitate compliance

Specify who from your organization can initiate a condition report. After initiation, the condition report is routed to the responsible individual or team, providing effortless regulatory compliance.



Tailor your CAPA workflow to your organization

Your workflow can be as simple or as sophisticated as required to support your organization. Steps and task assignments are automatically managed by the system based on condition report type, significance level, project, location, screening criteria, or other considerations that dictate to whom a CAPA record is assigned.

Gain visibility into Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPAs) across your organization

Actions are associated directly with a parent condition report or contributing cause. Review a list of your own actions or your teams’ actions, depending on your role. Hover over an item for additional information about each record.



Foster a company-wide Continuous Improvement culture

Company-wide participation is key to a successful Continuous Improvement culture. Empower your team by setting up alerts and notifications to encourage timeliness and efficiency. Show them the results of their participation by distributing reports on a schedule based on conditions you control.

Get the results you need

With ad hoc capabilities, users can filter and break out event data into detailed, drill-down reporting. Click on a chart element (pie slice, histogram bar, etc.) to drill down into a list of items within an individual condition report or action. Flexible process components, like the option to fully or partially automate data collection, allow your Corrective and Preventive Action program to function exactly as you need it to.


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