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DevonWay Explained (Part 5): Impactful Quotes


DevonWay Explained (Part 5): Impactful Quotes

March 7, 2018 | DevonWay

Cliche business terms are the worst.  What’s next, we’ll tell you, “our products are constantly evolving to meet your ever-changing business needs?”  GROSS!

Or, how about, “As you’ll read below, we offer so many unique features designed to enhance the experience through our A+ customer service and support” UGH!

We give up describing it without making ourselves sick.  So we’ll let our clients do the talking for us.


(Source: a Senior Safety Analyst)
“Once you learn how to use DevonWay, it makes reporting and analyzing data trends possible in ways we weren't able to before. I see the power of it, and want to be able to fully utilize it.
When we have an issue or question, DevonWay is very responsive.”


(Source: a Director of Economic Strategies)
“The ability to work with DevonWay staff at all levels to configure the product that does exactly what I need it to do. I also appreciate the significant number of enhancements that have been made in the last year or two to make products more user-friendly”


(Source: a Reactor Supervisor)
“I have used this product at both a nuclear power plant and at a research facility in a university. From a very complex large power plant to the simple laboratory facility setting this software is extremely user friendly and adaptable to the many different needs of different organizations.”

DIY Capabilities

(Source: a CAP Manager)
“It is very versatile and easy to use. The more you use it, the more you think of "what if I could do this" and soon you are doing exactly that. The technical support considers every question a possibility and they are same day innovators. The software has modules for a wide variety of enterprise applications, and each will provide notifications and information to you automatically by email if you wish.”