Digital Operations

Don't let good data go to waste

Every day, your company generates important operational data that goes uncaptured because it doesn’t fit into your ERP’s vision of best practice (if you’re lucky enough to even have an ERP). So you capture as much of that data as you can using personal productivity apps like email and Excel, but that just leads to brittle data silos that no one can report on and no one wants to maintain.

Our Digital Operations product was designed to solve this very problem. It gives you the power of an ERP, but not the rigidity; the flexibility of a personal productivity app, but not the limitations. Armed with the best of both worlds, you can make better, faster, more accurate decisions.


How It Works


Whether from your smartphone, your desktop, or through our REST API, adding to the system is easy and intuitive. Decide precisely what data you want to collect, then sleep easy knowing it’s protected in our secure datacenter, and that you retain 100% full ownership and visibility over it.

desktop and mobile



Protect and manage your data using your implementation-specific business rules, then route it to anyone in your organization with the workflow that works best for you.
Assign tasks to relevant teams or individuals, automate notifications to keep everyone informed, and ensure jobs are completed quickly, correctly, and efficiently.


Create, save, and distribute your own ad hoc reports without involving IT. And since our searches and analytics both run on top of the same in-memory search engine, results return lightning fast — every time.

analytics layered.

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Keep track of trends that help you identify and resolve problematic patterns before they become an issue, then use that transparency to make objective, analytical decisions that ensure your organization is meeting its goals.


Features & Benefits

  • Automate tasks to reduce errors and increase efficiency.
  • Keep informed with custom trigger-based alerts and notifications.
  • Adopt fully tailored solutions that capture your data, your rules, and your workflows.
  • Only pay for what you use with value-based pricing that comes with unlimited users and unlimited applications.
  • Harness the power of in-memory reporting to get self-service analytics at a glance.
  • Minimize change management with intuitive apps that encourage engagement.
  • Integrate with existing systems of record for streamlined, enterprise-wide operations.
  • Ensure safety and regulatory compliance by completing work correctly the first time.
  • Fill functional gaps that cause unnecessary overhead to your operations.
  • Establish full lifecycle processes to gain missing insight into operational performance.
  • Apply oversight to all your components, no matter how large or small.
  • Maintain a real-time view of your assets and performance.


Sample Solutions

Configuration & Design Change

Full support for configuration management from simple updates to permanent design and configuration changes.

Document Management

Harness workflow to gain visibility into document revisions and status throughout their life-cycle.

Training Management

Cradle-to-grave support of qualification and training tasks to ensure personnel are qualified to perform in their positions.

Work Orders

Track work from inception to completion, allowing for updates to ensure successful work plans.

Work Planning

Plan and prioritize work by generating task lists to help guide users through their highest priority activities.

Need More?

All Digital Operations solutions complement and run in tandem with each other. Our customers have maximized the value they get out of their implementation by extending it to many other solutions, or by building their own.

Anomaly Reports

Record and analyze issues found during testing prior to equipment being put into service to help avoid costly recurrence.

Asset Surveillance and Preventive Maintenance

Schedule and ensure completion of your surveillance and preventive maintenance requirements.

Digital Procedures

Ditch the clipboard and bring your procedures into the 21st century.

Effectiveness Reviews

Measure the effectiveness of corrective actions that were taken in response to a condition or event.

Fatigue Rule Management

Govern site-wide and enterprise-wide labor-time reporting for both employees and contractors.

Fire Protection Permits

Manage the dynamic review and approval workflows of specialized permit forms.

Risk Assurance Maps

Provides insight into organizational risk, the oversight activity to address this risk, and any residual risk present.

Supplier Management

Create a key supplier database with facts about a supplier, contact information, valid certifications, and evaluation logs.

System Health Reporting

An end-to-end solution that lets you see the health of your system on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Still not seeing what you need, or just want more information?

We use our software to manage our own operations – from CRM to SQA to HR – so whatever problem you’re trying to solve, we can probably help. Contact us and we’ll quickly and easily evaluate your need, and whether we’re a good fit. We’re here for you.