Document Management (DM)

Organize, control, and make searchable all your important documents and revisions in a secure, intuitive web-based environment.

Use a familiar interface

Organize your documents in folders and subfolders, and rest easy knowing that integrated role-based security ensures users only see what they’re allowed to access.

Organize in folders

Document history

View history at a glance

View a document’s full history, from initiation through every revision, in an easy-to-understand timeline.

Easily create new revisions

Fill out just a few fields to request a new revision. Upload the new version directly to the secure DevonWay database to make it fully searchable, or link back to an intranet or SharePoint location.

Create new revisions

Review and approve documents

Route revisions for approval

Route documents that require review and approval using rules specific to your process and organization. Reviewers can approve, reject outright, or send the revision or document change back to the author for further edits. Once new revisions are approved they become immediately accessible to authorized users.

And much more

  • Notifications keep owners aware of new or overdue tasks
  • Ad hoc reporting lets you analyze metadata about your document revisions without involving IT
  • Revisions that require retraining can automatically trigger those requests to keep you in compliance
  • Document Management fully integrates with other DevonWay modules or with third-party systems through our REST API
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