Safety Culture Surveys

Measure and improve your safety culture

Be thorough

Survey tools are a dime a dozen — what matters is the data. Compiled by observing some of the most safety-conscious work environments in the country, expert assessment questions drive to an objective, accurate view of an organization’s safety culture.

Key to this is inviting respondents to share their perceptions about the strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s safety culture, which are used to inform management on opportunities for improvement and guide the assessment team on areas that warrant deeper examination.

Encourage participation

An intuitive, browser-based UI means that safety culture survey respondents can take the survey from anywhere, even the convenience of their own home. And with no training required — just point, click, and type — participation levels often reach 90% or greater, giving everyone a voice in outlining the true nature of the organization’s safety culture.

Improve over time

One-time assessments are useful on their own to get a snapshot in time, but scheduling them in 6, 12, or 18-month intervals ensures you get an ever-evolving view of how safety-related initiatives affect (positively or negatively) the organization’s culture.

And with a community of similarly-minded organizations to draw on for ideas and inspiration, you’ll never lack for ways to continuously progress towards having a perfectly safe work environment.

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