Safety Observations

Engage workers with proactive observations and coaching

Capture observations on the spot

It’s well understood that a proactive, methodical observation program is key to identifying and eliminating gaps in safe behaviors. Empower workers to capture what goes wrong (or right) by recording the observation where it happens.

With a mobile app that uses native features like voice-to-text and the camera, observations become quick and easy. Cut the time to enter an observation in half, and let your workers get back to doing their work without sacrificing the collection of this valuable data.

Continue working offline

Performing observations is often problematic in areas without connectivity. With a mobile app that allows offline use, valuable data can still be gathered and automatically synced to the system later, once back in range.

Want to confirm your work was submitted? Simply check the history for the status of each observation.

Set up your own cards

Do you have a special project going on or an inspection coming up for which you need to capture special data? No problem. Set up your own cards, with whatever attributes you need and make it available on the desktop, mobile app, or both.

Get actionable results

What’s the point in collecting data if you can’t derive any meaning from it? Slice and dice your results in a variety of formats and displays, and even distribute your report to your team on an automated schedule.

With fully integrated ad hoc analytics backed by an in-memory search engine, the power is in your hands to discover what’s working and where there’s room for improvement. Derive meaningful insights that result in real change — without involving IT.


Standard templates

Choose from a library of pre-defined observation templates, which can be easily configured if necessary.


Report by attribute, fundamental area, card, or trend code across your observation database.

Offline capability

Gather valuable data offline. Your data will automatically sync to the system, once wifi connectivity is established.

Optional anonymity

Choose to remain anonymous, whether you’re the observer or the observed party.

Configurable workflow

Customize workflow by observation card, including multi-step workflow when appropriate.

Custom card setup

Create your own observation card templates by business unit with no technical skills required.


“The DevonWay Observation program is a quick, easy to use tool that has lots of flexibility for specific work group requirements, while not mandating those requirements for all. The mobile app is extremely user friendly.”
Marie Golson | Fleet HU & Industrial Safety, Entergy
“DevonWay makes reporting and analyzing data trends possible in ways we weren’t able to before.”
Suzanne Graver | Senior Safety Analyst, Arizona Public Service
“We’re using multiple DevonWay products company-wide to not only effectively gather essential data, but more importantly to successfully evaluate critical leading and lagging indicators.”
Angela Ott | Senior Corporate Health and Safety Consultant, Arizona Public Service

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