Fatigue Rule Management (FRM)

The DevonWay Fatigue Rule Management (FRM) solution governs plant-wide and enterprise-wide labor-time reporting for both employees and contractors in accordance with fatigue management regulations including the Nuclear Fatigue Rule mandated by 10CFR50 Part 26. The product is pre-configured for the Nuclear Fatigue rule and ready to include your industry specific regulations. It automatically generates timecards for staff, in-house personnel, and contract employees.

DevonWay Fatigue Rule Management provides annual regulator reporting; integrates with third-party financial systems for payroll processing and project cost tracking; and tracks work force qualifications, training data, and shift/crew availability for labor scheduling. It helps avoid Waiver processing through self-declaration and other Part 26 functions, including what-if forecast schedules and fatigue assessments.

Timecards provide a summary of hours worked, and more importantly, a list of potential violations and how much time before a violation occurs. Fatigue Rule Management Screenshot 1Violations are clearly displayed and drill down capabilities allow users a comprehensive view of the details for a given day.
Fatigue Rule Management Screenshot 2

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