General Actions (GA)

Your operational management programs are robust, comprehensive, and held to strict regulatory standards. Which is exactly how it should be. But not all your actions require such rigor. Some actions are important to operational performance improvement but simply don’t belong in a robust management system.

The DevonWay General Actions (GA) application is built to accommodate such actions. The perfect compliment to your operational management programs, General Actions aren’t held to the same level of regulatory scrutiny but can still be tracked, analyzed, and distributed for performance improvement.

General Actions prevent lower-risk items from falling through the cracks and escalating to full-fledged issues that threaten performance, safety, and your bottom line. With the proper tools to manage these stand-alone items, as well as your more robust activities, your team will have visibility into operational performance at all levels.

An overview of an action plan is outlined below, including the current status of all actions associated with the plan. General Actions Screenshot 1

Users complete actions by entering a response, which then appears on the action plan for clear visibility into the status.

General Actions Screenshot 2


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