Lessons Learned (LL)

The DevonWay Lessons Learned (LL) application records knowledge to avoid future issues. Lessons Learned may result from operating activity, project issues, or the review process associated with a CAP or observation program. The LL workflow is simple and easy to use, as LL management is generally not subject to regulatory scrutiny and not related to significant operating events. Lessons Learned are typically routed through department or working group managers for evaluation and potential follow-up actions.

The LL process is designed to foster communication of important information among an organization’s various groups and departments. Whenever a new lessons learned article is published, an email is automatically generated and sent to the appropriate team members for review. The email includes a summary of the important information that was captured in a format that is easily digested on a mobile device. Additional details may be found by simply clicking on the link within the email to view the attached documents and pictures.

The LL database benefits from DevonWay’s native search and business intelligence capabilities which allows users to easily find both past and similar articles on any given topic.

Lessons Learned may be generated from multiple sources. Users may choose to generate a Lessons Learned article from an issue or condition report by simply clicking a button which then populates the new article with the pertinent information gathered from the originating object. In this case, a link is automatically established between the LL article and the originating CR or issue. Alternatively, users may create a new Lessons Learned from scratch to capture key learning that originates from some other process.

A comprehensive submission screen allows users to capture knowledge and alert relevant individuals. 

Lessons Learned Screenshot 1

Lessons Learned Screenshot 2

Email notifications keep people informed of significant issues in a convenient format.

Lessons Learned Screenshot 3

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