Management Team

Just trying to not mess up a good thing

Chris Moustakas Photo

Chris Moustakas

President, Chief Executive Officer

Steve Johnson Photo

Steve Johnson

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Sacks Photo

Matthew Sacks

Vice President, Sales

Scott Brenner

Vice President, DevonWay EMEA

Robert Lentz Photo

Robert Lentz

Vice President, Technical Operations

Wade Watts Photo

Wade Watts

Vice President, Account Services

Michael Lentz

Director, Product Management

Carl Gardiner Photo

Carl Gardiner

Director, Platform Development

Laurel Timothy

Finances & Human Resources

Tim Sherburne Photo

Tim Sherburne

Director, Mobile Engineering

Millie Ruchti Photo

Millie Ruchti

Director, Customer Success

Bill Ewer Photo

Bill Ewer

Director, Product Solutions

Rex Kattenberg

Director, Customer Support

Justin Langness

Director, Implementation Services

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