Metrics and KPIs (KPI)

The vast majority of existing Key Performance Indicator programs suffer from one of two fatal flaws:

  • The underlying data can’t be trusted because it lives in silos like Excel spreadsheets, which are cumbersome to share and have no audit trail
  • Or, IT involvement is required to create new data sources or make changes to KPIs, which drives users back to Excel

Either way, your KPI program suffers because you either end up making incorrect decisions due to invalid trends, or you can’t adjust your KPIs quickly enough because your overworked IT department takes weeks or months to respond to requests for change.

The DevonWay Metrics & KPIs (KPI) solution solves both problems by giving you complete control over your KPIs in a central system that doesn’t require IT involvement to change, has an integrated audit trail, is intuitive and easy to use, and is accessible using just a web browser.

Some of the most disciplined organizations in the world, including many nuclear generating stations, trust the DevonWay KPI solution to manage their Key Performance Indicator program, which is crucial to running safe and continuously improving operations, as well as maintaining regulatory compliance. At their core, KPIs serve as a means for top management to graphically communicate their expectations for safety, reliability, performance, and other metrics to the organizations they run; they are not real-time data visualization tools, nor are they meant to be. With DevonWay, you get not only the software, but the experience it takes to understand what an effective KPI program looks like, and how it can be most effectively implemented.

DevonWay KPIs help you manage data collection, generation, internal review workflow, and publication of site- and department-level indicators based on data from virtually any source. These indicators act as a window into your infrastructure, providing managers and responsible individuals with the awareness they need to recognize and monitor trends and take appropriate actions. With easy access to charts and matrices, drill-down for analysis and roll-up for organization-wide views, and formatted Management Review Meeting report books that you can create and distribute on demand or on a schedule, the DevonWay KPI solution gives you the tools you need to effectively manage a configurable, scalable Key Performance Indicator program.

Self-service definition screens let you define the metrics and KPIs important to your business.

Metrics & KPIs Screenshot 1

Graphical displays for each period let you see the state of your KPIs as they existed then.

Metrics & KPIs Screenshot 2

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