Observations (OB)

Improve your operations by using your mobile device to capture field data, then methodically review and analyze it.

Capture data where it happens, quickly and easily

If your team members observe something going wrong (or right), you want to empower them to capture it right then and there, not ask them to remember when they get back to a desk. A fully configurable mobile experience makes sure data gets captured when and where it happens, whether or not they’re online at the time.

And with features like voice-to-text and the ability to attach a picture directly from your phone or tablet, you can cut the time to enter an observation in half, and let your workers get back to doing work.

Mobile Observation

Multiple Cards

Set up your own cards

Do you have a special project going on or an inspection coming up for which you need to capture special data? No problem. Set up your own cards, with whatever attributes you want.

Get results

Data’s meaningless if you don’t use it to improve. With fully integrated routing and ad hoc analytics, the power is in your hands to discover what works and what doesn’t.

Observation Chart

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