Operating Experiences (OpEx)

DevonWay Operating Experiences (OpEx) enables sites to gather, route, and review industry Operating Experience – including internal lessons learned, near misses, and other knowledge captured – from INPO and other sources. With OpEx, sites automatically receive daily INPO OE and manage internal review, assignment, evaluation, and response activities. OpEx generates required actions based on evaluation response and aids assessment of OE severity and applicability. OpEx archives OE for easy search and, optionally, reference from related condition reports and key performance indicators.

DevonWay Operating Experience module presents regulatory and industry guidance, across any industry, for OpEx coordination and management. Nuclear operators, for example, use the OpEx product to automatically receive INPO and NRC notifications for further screening and evaluation.

Operating Experiences Screenshot 1

Each OpEx record is associated with follow-up observations, assessments, and corrective actions for those DevonWay customers who deploy the OpEx solution in the context of a larger safety-culture management implementation.

Operating Experiences Screenshot 2

DevonWay will setup the OpEx solution to connect to all available external OpEx sources as part of the delivery project.

Operating Experiences Screenshot 3

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