Performance Improvement Issues Management (PIIM)

The DevonWay Performance Improvement Issues Management (PIIM) solution is a strategic planning tool for managing the process of collecting and publishing the most significant gaps and initiatives across the fleet, site, and individual departments. PIIM contributes to sustained performance excellence by enabling management to review their most significant issues, and evaluate the effectiveness of performance improvement initiatives on closing gaps to excellence. PIIM is accessed directly from the DevonWay dashboard, and is periodically updated either through manual entry or via external interface to a fleet’s corrective action program. PIIM helps foster a strong partnership across the PI organization and individual functional areas that work together towards sustaining industry-leading performance metrics.

Capture gaps across the organization through a configurable, easy-to-use web form. 

Performance improvement Issues Management Screenshot 1

Define your own methods for measuring and monitoring the identified gap and track their status against your organization’s goals.

Performance improvement Issues Management Screenshot 2

A one-click performance improvement matrix gives you a birds-eye view of the status of all your identified issues.

Performance improvement Issues Management Screenshot 3

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