Power & Utilities

Chaotic times call for clear vision

The Problem

Whether thrown into upheaval by low natural gas prices or overwhelmed by FERC, NERC, INPO, NRC, and other regulators, it can be hard for power generators and utilities to focus on what they do best: providing safe, reliable electricity to homes and businesses.

The Solution

Consolidating multiple processes into a single platform that can streamline operations while maintaining compliance with rapidly changing market pressures and regulations can have a transformative effect on the bottom line – all while improving safety, reliability, and cost efficiency.

Top Benefits

Streamlined operations

Moving multiple processes to one flexible, easy-to-use, mobile platform translates directly into efficiency gains. And having data available to an in-memory ad hoc reporting engine means earlier awareness of negative trends. Whether the goal is to deliver the nuclear promise or shareholder expectations, the path is a clear one.

Cyber security

From the coil to the consumer, one of the greatest challenges facing the energy industry today is protecting critical assets. With multiple layers of security implemented at network, logical, physical, and human touchpoints, data can be entrusted to experts whose core competency is protecting systems against bad actors.

Knowledge transfer

Both aging plants and aging workforces require a clear strategy to overcome their inherent risks, and that has always meant better knowledge transfer. From the reduction of point solutions, to the use of mobile apps, to multimedia techniques for encapsulating knowledge at optimal points, a modern platform is the most effective path forward.


“We’re using multiple DevonWay products company-wide to not only effectively gather essential data, but more importantly to successfully evaluate critical leading and lagging indicators.”
Angela Ott | Senior Corporate Health and Safety Consultant, Arizona Public Service

“Great products being used by the site and getting us the results we need. The DevonWay folks were outstanding as always in their support and understanding of what we needed.”
Randy Thompson | Supervisor of Performance Improvement, Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Company

“I have been using multiple DevonWay products for over eight years. The software is highly customizable and the DevonWay team is always willing to go the extra mile to make the experience right for you.”
John Christensen | President & CEO, Utilities Services Alliance

“Partnering with DevonWay was the right choice for our complex structure and variable interface needs. We have yet to find a workflow that DevonWay couldn’t model.”
Chris Hott | Director of Laboratory Performance, Idaho National Labs

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