Process Improvements (PI)

Six Sigma methodology to document what the problem is, how much it is costing your organization, and what you need to do to bring the process back under control.



Create a culture of Continuous Improvement

When a process is out of control, something needs to be done. DevonWay PI allows anyone to raise ideas quickly and easily, whether your team submits PI ideas via your DevonWay Dashboard, company intranet, or anonymously.

PI initiation

PI Drag and Drop files

Drag and Drop Documents

Drag it, drop it, share it, forget it – uploading documents and associating them with your PI makes it easy to collaborate across teams. If you have sensitive information you don’t want to upload, link to it’s location on your company intranet or other repositories.


After an opportunity is raised it is screened to make sure the appropriate individuals see it and apply the correct level of effort. This helps disposition process improvements so leadership can manage projects and know what’s going on at all levels.

PI Screening

Put the Experts on it

As you formalize the PI, you want all the relevant information up front and personal. All the details of a PI are displayed in magazine-style with clear headers and descriptions, so each user is up to speed within seconds of opening the record. Expand or collapse sections to get the view you want.


Fishbone, Five Why’s, process mapping – whatever your analysis looks like, plug in your results and create your critical X’s.
PI analysis panel

Establish X’s

Tracking X’s is no longer a task for spreadsheets and email – create them, assign them, address them, and never lose track of your performance gaps.
PI establishing Xs

Create Actions

Assign action tasks and harness PI’s action tracking to make sure everyone is aware of their assigned task and when it needs to be completed. PI’s action tracking includes verification, validation, and effectiveness phases aligned with each critical X.

PI Action Creation

PI savings

Cost Analysis

PI quantifies your process improvement savings plan by organizational areas year over year. Include estimated savings initially, then re-visit the PI to validate the projections you made previously. Add proof of actual savings.


Slice and dice your data however you want. Pick from a wide library of output types to build the exact reports you need. Hover over reports to drill down to more precise data and share reports with your team and management.

PI Projected Savings by Function

PI savings plan

Standard Templates or Ad-Hoc

Create cross tab reports as easily as you’d make a pivot table in an Excel spreadsheet. Choose from our set of standard reports or create your own ad-hoc with drag and drop features and measures. Easily understand the status of your process improvement efforts across your organization.

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