Equipment Reliability

Produce consistent, high-quality health evaluation reports

How it works

Get a top-down view

High-quality, accurate equipment reliability evaluations are often extremely time-consuming, error-prone, and hard to produce when data resides in various sources with inconsistent scoring. To produce and distribute accurate, reliable results to stakeholders with confidence, integration and automation are critical — which is why a RESTful web services API and a virtually limitless configuration capability are the best path to success.

And of course, summarizing the results in an easy-to-understand, graphical format doesn’t hurt either.

Eliminate barriers

A good equipment reliability solution eliminates many common obstacles by:

  • Providing a central, easy-to-use interface for compiling information
  • Exposing integration points so systems of record can automatically populate their data
  • Managing evaluation criteria directly within the health report templates
  • Automating the routing of all necessary approvals

Generating top-down equipment reliability reports is hard enough on its own; there’s no reason to make it harder.

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