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Make it easy for people to complete their work

Digitize Without Sacrificing Flexibility

Work orders lie at the heart of any asset-intensive organization. But even at companies with asset management systems already in place, many ancillary or lower-level work tasks are still performed using paper – often because the asset management system is too inflexible to accommodate all necessary types of work.

Because of the flexibility of DevonWay’s rules-based platform, the Work Orders solution can be configured to meet any and all work task needs, large or small, on desktop or on mobile. Automated workflows, an in-memory database, and an ad hoc reporting engine all combine to ensure that you have the right level of transparency and accountability across your operations.

Easily Integrate with Any Aspect of Your Business

Even small organizations can have complex needs. DevonWay solutions connect easily to ancillary systems using the open REST API, or can be extended to provide custom functionality that is specific to your business – all without writing code or taking you off the platform upgrade path.

And of course, the Work Orders solution natively integrates with other DevonWay applications, such as Corrective and Preventive Actions, Employee Suggestions, and Observations – ensuring that your users have the ability to gather critical information where it matters most, at the point at which work is being done.

Summary of Benefits

Maintain complete control and flexibility with support for any work order type and mobile platform

Always know what’s going on and quantify results through comprehensive work order data collection and robust analytics

Continuously improve your work performance through native integration with Corrective and Preventive Actions and other DevonWay applications

For organizations that already have a work order system in place, the DevonWay solution can be configured to fill just the necessary gaps using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Key Features

Full Lifecycle Workflows

Work orders can be initiated from a mobile device in the field, or from a desktop, and can be configured to require the attachment of documents to assist in the task execution. Depending on the business’s needs, certain work orders may require additional reviews and approvals before they are assigned or issued to be worked.

Supports All Work Order Types

Content and data fields can be configured to accommodate different types of maintenance work tasks, such as corrective and predictive, or non-maintenance activities like inspections, tests, or engineering-related tasks. For organizations that already have a work order system in place, DevonWay can be configured to fill the necessary gaps.

Native Mobile Apps

Task execution can be performed using the DevonWay native mobile app, which yields hard savings by ensuring that work orders are never lost, by eliminating the cost associated with paper, and by reducing the opportunity cost of not having real-time access to data gathered during work execution.

Analytics and Work History

Users can create work order reports and dashboards to improve equipment performance, quantify maintenance costs, and improve efficiency – all without involving IT. In addition, using DevonWay’s in-memory search engine, users can easily search for and find previously completed work orders and associated work order history.

Continuous Improvement

When paired with DevonWay’s Corrective and Preventive Actions solution, users can capture and report problems directly from the work order screen, so important issues are caught without disrupting the normal flow of work execution.

Automated Archiving

For customers with strict records compliance requirements, closed work orders can be sent automatically to electronic archival for easy, secure future retrieval and reference when needed.

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