Work Planning

Improve workforce productivity and work quality

How it works

Streamline the work planning process

For technicians to safely accomplish their assigned tasks, they need to understand what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, how it should be completed, and the severity of the issues so they can prioritize. DevonWay Work Planning allows you to document and manage every detail in the process (drawings, procedures, instructions, manuals, specs, etc.). And to really close the loop, it’s easy to deploy native integrations with related processes like Mobile Work Packages, Work Permits, and more.

Get the data you need to improve

Set up notifications and reports based on your unique business rules. For example, automatically generate weekly reports of all work orders “stuck” in the planning process and are not ready to work because they’re waiting for parts, have technical issues, etc. History tracking clearly shows the date/time and exactly where and who made every change to the work order throughout its planning life cycle. Never lose, misplace or wonder where in the planning process a work order package is.

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