Corrective & Preventive Actions

Identify non-conformities and prevent repeat issues

Engage every employee

CAPA software works best when the whole community is active and engaged — that is the most effective way of ensuring defects and adverse events are not overlooked. Doing that requires several key components:

  • an intuitive interface
  • the use of familiar terminology
  • transparency
  • easy data entry

By eliminating barriers to initiating actions, completing assignments, and understanding trends, software can be a powerful enabler to a modern, effective corrective action program.

Tailor to your needs

It doesn’t matter how expensive a suit is — if it doesn’t fit well, it’s not going to work. The same is doubly true for software. To be able to meet your requirements, configurability is required on multiple fronts, such as:

  • the data you track
  • workflow routes and assignments
  • business rules, e.g. requiredness based on significance level
  • ad hoc reporting and analytics

And, of course, the ability to change any of the above (and much more) without going through expensive upgrade projects or involving IT.

Keep tabs on everything

Transparency drives accountability. By making assignments and their due dates clear, management has the tool it needs to accurately communicate expectations, and task owners know what they need to get done and by when — guesswork is eliminated and nothing falls through the cracks.

Moreover, ad hoc reports and trigger-based notifications, both based on an in-memory search engine and both definable without involving IT, ensure that process owners can retrieve the real-time insights they need to manage their CAP program effectively, and seamlessly share those results with interested stakeholders.


Single point of entry

Fill out a short dynamic survey during the CAPA initiation process to ensure a single point of entry for routing issues to the appropriate workflow.


Associate multiple codes to a condition report from your organization’s trend code library (i.e. event, activity, cause) at appropriate points of the workflow.

Effectiveness reviews

Effectiveness reviews are built into the CAPA workflow to ensure corrective actions are adding value without putting unnecessary burden on the staff.

User-friendly reporting

Manage your work, create reports, and analyze data, without having to navigate to multiple systems, wait for a data warehouse to be refreshed, or get help from BI analysts.

Configurable workflow

Administer your own workflow settings for different types of condition reports and various significance levels without having to modify the underlying configuration.

Seamless user experience

Condition reports can be directly associated with other DevonWay modules such as observations, audits, supplier management, non-conformances, inspections, etc.

Due date extensions

Due date extension requests are managed within the system with the capability to escalate through different management levels for each subsequent extension request.

Efficient investigations

Use the Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D) cause investigation module integrated with DevonWay CAPA, or integrate a different investigation process to your CAPA workflow.

Automatic notifications

Condition reports are routed to responsible individuals or teams based on your business rules. Receive automatic alerts so you’re aware of your assignments and upcoming due dates.

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