Mobile Work Packages

Digitize without breaking the bank

How it works

Minimize change management

By leveraging existing document and asset management systems, and allowing workers to execute familiar-looking procedures and refer to supporting documentation just as they would in a binder, you can easily pick the handful of work packages that best allow you to objectively determine your return on investment — before making a large capital purchase.

With DevonWay, the path to a digital, paperless environment doesn’t have to be an all-in, high-risk venture. It can start small and grow as needed, as both the true costs and the true advantages of such a transformation become clear.

Adapt to your environment

The nirvana of a fully wireless world is still a long, expensive world away. While it’s a worthy goal to strive for, the reality is that some of the most important work happens where wireless networks do not.

DevonWay’s mobile app works offline, then automatically syncs to the server when it detects a network connection. And having that app run in Windows, iOS, or even Android devices means that you can deploy whatever platform best meets your environmental and budgetary needs.

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