Customer Complaints

Manage valuable feedback for increased compliance and quality

Communicate ongoing progress

Effective management of customer complaints involves prompt communication, appropriate investigation, and a thorough response. By applying configurable workflow, issues are automatically and efficiently routed for the right level of oversight and evaluation. And by keeping customers informed along the way with automatic notifications on the status of their complaint, you create transparency on the issue and improve their experience.

Connect to performance improvement programs

Customer complaints often require the initiation of non-conformance reports to address a quality issue, followed by subsequent actions to correct and prevent recurrence. Subsequent procedure revisions and training updates help close the loop. By leveraging and tying performance improvement processes together on a unified platform, you maximize the effectiveness of all your performance improvement efforts.

Centralize and report on customer data

A single repository for all your customer data prevents the need for searching across disparate systems for information to piece together a complete story. This requires a solution which allows you to keep customer records together, including associated supporting documentation such as evaluations, pictures, or email threads.

Reporting on customer data is easy through drag and drop functionality with business intelligence built right in. Finally, automated notifications ensure the right people stay informed of emerging trends.

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