Document Management

Control your documents while keeping them accessible and searchable

Use a familiar interface

Organizing documents into folders and subfolders gives users a familiar interface to navigate, while a document-level security model ensures that they can only access what they are allowed to access. And doing everything — from viewing a document, to performing a review, to managing a revision, to completing an assignment — solely within a browser, with no plugins to download, means that they can perform any document-related work they need to from anywhere.


Manage revisions seamlessly

Fill out just a few fields to request a new revision, then route it automatically to the appropriate reviewer according to rules and a workflow you define. Assignment notifications keep assignees abreast of their commitments, so reviews are completed on time and nothing falls through the cracks.

Once new revisions are approved they become immediately accessible to authorized users — no switching between systems. And revisions that require retraining can automatically trigger those requests, resulting in effortless compliance.

Keep documents accessible

All documents stored in the Document Management database are indexed with a full-text, in-memory search engine, for easy retrieval using keywords, phrases, and other criteria.

From a governance standpoint, all in-flight and approved revisions are exposed to the ad hoc reporting engine, so interested stakeholders can keep themselves aware of the status of the document repository without having to involve IT.

Lastly, a REST API provides for full programmatic access to the repository, so authorized third-party systems can connect to it however you wish.


PDF Conversion

Automatically convert documents from Word to PDF with accurate rendering of images and attachments.

Document reviews

Schedule periodic document reviews and ensure responsible persons are automatically notified.


Expire documents once they become obsolete to keep a clean database and reduce clutter.

Document record links

Include direct links to a document’s record from within the document for easy access.

Configurable workflow

Ensure documents are always in the hands of the right person, with the ability to assign one or more approvers.

Custom numbering system

Easily set up a customized document numbering system that fits your existing process.

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