Find quality and operational issues before they find you

Avoid costly mistakes

Discovering and identifying non-conformances, deviances, anomalies, and other quality issues in your operations before outside auditors or, worse, your customers find them is critical to efficiently managing your business.

Early discoveries prevent costly fines, production delays, and rework.

Get what you need without IT

With the ability to configure inspection templates without IT’s help, it’s easy to make the changes necessary to stay aligned with the business. Whether you’re starting from pre-defined templates, or creating new ones based on your own library of inspection points, the power is in your hands.

Perform inspections anywhere

Mobile apps allow inspectors to do their work where work actually happens. Using smartphones and tablets, inspections can be performed on the shop floor or in the field. Voice-to-text, cameras, and video provide even more color and detail.

Going out of range? No problem — complete your inspection offline and the app will automatically sync to the server when it detects a network.

Get data-driven results

In-memory, ad hoc reporting makes it easy for you to get answers to your questions without involving IT, and customizable alerts and notifications, triggered off conditions you define, keep you aware of emerging issues and trends.

When a pattern emerges that demands a correction, create a non-conformance report, corrective action, or preventive action directly from the inspection or KPI to ensure it’s addressed immediately and completely. The ability to close the loop like that within the same system is key to guaranteeing long-term efficiency, effectiveness, and regulatory compliance.

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