Supplier Management

Turn suppliers into drivers for success

Track what matters

Besides key supplier data like contact information, valid certifications, and evaluation logs, getting a full picture of a supplier’s performance requires having a full history of related corrective actions, non-conformance reports, observations, scorecards, and much more.

Whether compiled natively within the same platform for seamless integration, or brought in from third-party sources via interfaces, a platform flexible enough to track what you need to know about a supplier is crucial to understanding how effectively they’re partnering with you to achieve your business needs.

Get the big-picture view

Understanding where you stand with your suppliers requires much more than canned reports like Active Suppliers by Certification, Suppliers Due for Evaluation, and Suppliers with Open Issues — it requires the full breadth and power of an ad hoc reporting capability, which allows you to answer questions you have at the moment you think of them, without involving IT.

The ability to then tie those ad hoc reports to automatic trigger-based notifications means that you can make others aware of patterns and trends as seamlessly as you did for yourself.

Measure performance objectively

Having a positive relationship with a supplier is a wonderful thing, but it can’t be based on good feelings and intentions — it has to be backed objectively, with data.

Figuring out how to score suppliers according to predictable measures improves accountability, sets clear expectations, and allows you to conduct evaluations fairly and transparently.


Single Point of Entry

Initiate and access all supplier records (i.e. onboarding forms, scorecards, audits, parts, & NCRs, certifications, condition reports, etc…) from a single location.

Supplier Portal

Easily grant users access the supplier portal to complete forms, actions, and other tasks without having to send information back and forth through email.

Integrates with ERP

Use DevonWay’s REST API or another integration model, to maintain parts, contracts, or other supplier source data from SAP, Maximo, Oracle, or any other ERP system of record.

Checklists & Scorecards

Manage your library of supplier checklists and scorecards without requiring technical skills, internal IT involvement, or DevonWay services.

Supplier Quotations

Issue and standardize supplier quotes and compare and analyze supplier responses and fee schedules across multiple supplier companies.

Cross-Company Workflows

Route records back and forth between suppliers, buyers, and internal business stakeholders within a single, dynamic workflow.

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