Training Management

Efficiently manage worker compliance and competency

Identify training gaps

Training departments are challenged to stay abreast of frequently changing certification requirements, develop training plans to bridge gaps, and track lessons completed toward qualifications. Providing visibility into employee progress makes it easier for both employees to make it across the finish line, and for managers to actively drive and support the process.

By clearly and transparently identifying training plans in one easy-to-use system, effective training management goes far beyond being a simple compliance tool — it helps to retain employees.

Tie into document updates

Document updates and revisions often require additional employee training to review and confirm understanding. By initiating these training assignments — complete with due dates — to specific users or groups upon approval of the document record, you make sure that affected parties are easily and automatically made aware of those document changes.

Ensure understanding and competency

Optional quizzes and tests built into training assignments assess a student’s understanding of the materials and highlight areas in which students would benefit from additional review and oversight. Alert notifications raise awareness for trainers and managers when thresholds they define are crossed.

Manage complete profiles

You invest in your workforce. To leverage your human assets it’s important to have a handle on skills management and current certifications. With a comprehensive employee profile, you can view previous positions and certifications, see current training plans and progress, stay ahead of qualifications that need to be renewed, and ensure regulatory compliance.

And since every piece of the training management solution is configurable, you can add any data elements or other information that are relevant to your workforce and your organization — and have that data instantly available to searching and reporting, without having to wait for your overworked IT department to update databases and data warehouses.

Identify talent

Find the right person for the job. Using ad hoc reporting, you can retrieve information about HR qualifications and lessons tracking by individual, project, department, or other categories to support real-time decision making and operational planning. All the data you’re authorized to see is there for instant searching against an in-memory database, using both keyword and criteria-based searches.

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