Safety Culture Survey (SCS)

The DevonWay Safety Culture Survey (SCS) is a result of years of field experience and many assessments done throughout the United States. It was designed for industry-wide use and intended for repeated use to track the same information over time. The survey is the first stage of performing an assessment of each plant’s safety culture within the USA/STARS fleet. The survey contains 73 questions tied directly to the INPO Attributes and Principles for a Strong Nuclear Safety Culture. Respondents are asked to share their perceptions about the strengths and weaknesses of their plant’s nuclear safety culture. Survey results are used to inform plant management on areas for improvement and guide the assessment team to areas that need a deeper look.

Instruction screens clearly describe the reason for the survey and what the user has to do.Safety Culture Survey Screenshot 1

The survey’s simple formatting makes completion an easy, intuitive process.Safety Culture Survey Screenshot 2

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