Safety Event Management (SEM)

Capture everything you need for OSHA compliance in a single module

Capture every incident – from low threshold items like near misses to key safety incidents like recordable injuries

Manage and report safety events and procedure compliance to avoid future recurrence. Set up your own safety event templates or use pre-defined templates that meet OSHA 300 and 301 reporting standards.

Safety Event Management Screenshot 3

Bridge the gap between corporate and field workers

Create your custom workflow by mapping the roles and responsibilities of employees at every level – all without involving IT.

Establish a company-wide safety culture

A successful safety culture comes with company-wide participation. Empower your team by setting up alerts and notifications to encourage timeliness and efficiency. With Safety Event Management (SEM), you can choose to allow everyone in the company (or select individuals if you prefer) to submit an incident. Show them the results of their actions by distributing reports on a schedule based on conditions you control.

Safety Event Management Screenshot 6

Safety Event Management Screenshot 4

Get the results you need

With ad hoc capabilities, you can filter and breakout event data into detailed, drill-down reporting by business unit, contractor, location, event classification, department, or custom filters specific to your organization. Other flexible process components, like the option to fully or partially automate data collection, allows your safety event management program to function exactly as you need it to.

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