Consulting Services

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DevonWay Application Review

A DevonWay Application Review is a short, two-day engagement to ensure you are using your DevonWay application to its full potential. During an Application Review, a DevonWay consultant will: Review your user experience and identify areas for improvement based on newly evolved needs, trends, or...

DevonWay Implementation Review

A DevonWay Implementation Review covers all aspects of your DevonWay deployment, including applications, reference data, interfaces, searches, reports, and dashboards. Similar to an Application Review, but more encompassing, an Implementation Review includes interviewing key users for each application, company leaders accountable for the applications, and...

Technology Landscape Review

Without writing code, non-programmers can use the DevonWay platform to build any kind of rules-driven, workflow-aware business application. It is an ideal platform if you want to automate and improve all of your manual or poorly supported processes. Anything you’re currently doing with email, Excel,...