Supplier Management (SM)

The DevonWay Supplier Management (SM) application serves as the key supplier database and includes facts about a supplier, contact information, valid certifications, and evaluation logs. SM natively plugs into other DevonWay products like CAP, non-conformance reports, observations, and scorecards to capture the full supplier history. The tool produces many standard reports required to manage your supplier list including Active Suppliers by Certification, Suppliers Due for Evaluation, and Suppliers With Open Issues.

Supplier contact information is easily accessible from the SM record, along with a comment history to quickly evaluate key supplier information. Supplier Management Screenshot 1

Direct links to condition reports help you track and resolve impacts suppliers cause to your operations. 

Supplier Management Screenshot 2

Potential products can be coded and stored in the products tab to keep track of the core products a supplier provides.

Supplier Management Screenshot 3

Certifications are tracked to ensure suppliers meet compliance requirements.

Supplier Management Screenshot 4

Evaluations create a library of information to be used for future considerations.Supplier Management Screenshot 5

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