Training Management (TM)

Modern training departments have to juggle many competing needs, including:

  • Managing an ever-changing constellation of certifications
  • Being the interface between an employee and his or her training plan
  • Reporting to management that employees are qualified to perform the work assigned to them
  • Optimizing training schedules to minimize the amount spent in classrooms without sacrificing quality

The DevonWay Training Management solution (TM) helps with these priorities, and many more, through an intuitive yet flexible interface that gives trainers, users, and managers the information they need, when they need it, and how they need it.

Lessons records are the centerpiece of the training processes, as seen in this example of a Regional Crane Training Session. Each lesson includes details specifying:

  • Prerequisites
  • Revision changes
  • Core objectives
  • Procedure references
  • Resource requirements
  • Organization-specific details

Lesson requests tie training sessions to both employees and to specific lesson references. These training requests are either initiated manually and assigned to the individual’s supervisor for approval, or initiated automatically if a worker’s qualifications are set to expire within a pre-determined amount of time. When the training is complete, the training request records whether the training was successful, the completion method, the setting where the employee completed the lesson, and other associated information.

Lessons themselves are combined with other requirements to create an employee qualification. This qualification, for example, shows the three lessons that must be successfully completed to become a qualified procedure reviewer.

DevonWay Training Administrators can set up and manage roles in the system, and tie qualifications to roles to track, manage, and standardize roles in the database. The Training Specialist role in this example requires employees to be qualified as procedure reviewers, instructors, and project orientation specialists.

Training management 1

The DevonWay system presents all relevant qualifications for each employee in a single snapshot, with color coding to indicate the current status of each qualification for that employee.

Along with qualifications, the system presents all relevant information for an employee in a single snapshot view. This snapshot includes:

  • All lesson completions
  • Positions and dates of each position
  • The training plan and associated training plan qualifications that an employee is currently working through or has worked through in the past
  • Education details
  • Certifications, with original copies of each certification document
  • Relevant experience and other HR data points that make up an employee’s profile
 In addition, DevonWay’s ad-hoc reporting tools allow users to retrieve information about HR qualifications and lessons tracking by individual, project, department, or any other data measure, to support real-time decision making and operational planning.
training management 2
Training management 3

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