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Intelligent Business Process Management applications are becoming increasingly sought-after as organizations are recognizing the need to optimize complex business activities. These apps support operations that reach beyond transactional processes and extend to more complicated and unstructured activities.



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Intelligent Business Process Management is critical at all levels. However, organizations with multiple sites, thousands of users and complex management systems are even more reliant on efficient, intelligent business processes. With the largest nuclear fleet in the nation, Exelon has a commanding need to optimize the finest Intelligent Business Process Management tools available.

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

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The ability to track and manage data in a timely and efficient manner is a critical component of any Intelligent Business Process Management application. While this applies to a variety of activities across the full spectrum of business processes,

Continuous Improvement

Luminant Fossil Sr. Engineer Mark Surprenant identifies the key factors to a successful Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) in this informative whitepaper. To help bring this vision to reality, Luminant has harnessed DevonWay’s Corrective Action software and is benefiting from the business intelligence capabilities that are available through DevonWay technology.

Cumulative Effects

As the industry continues its quest to reduce costs, re-allocate employees from low-value to high-value tasks, and improve the effectiveness of supervisors and managers, simplification in processes and reducing adverse cumulative impacts is key. This requires intelligent and flexible technology, tools and methods, and DevonWay’s platform is uniquely situated to tackle these initiatives.

DevonWay Benefits Analysis

DevonWay has prepared a benefit analysis to review the potential impact of introducing DevonWay products. This initial benefit analysis is focused on cost savings to help calculate a return on an initial DevonWay investment in a single condition reporting or safety inspection product and a review of several common areas where DevonWay software has proven to help sites identify problem areas and improve performance.

YourWay/SharePoint Platform Comparison

As the premier provider of next-generation Continuous Improvement software and services to the nuclear generation and utility, construction, and energy research industries, we have invested tremendously over the past 10 years in a technology platform to configure rich enterprise applications that do not require any custom programming.