General Actions

Simple action tracking to get things done

Keep it simple

Operational management programs such as CAPA are robust, comprehensive, and often held to strict regulatory standards — which is exactly how it should be. But not all your actions require such rigor. Some tasks are important to operational performance improvement but simply don’t belong in a robust management system.

Capturing only what’s necessary and applying minimal workflow creates necessary efficiency and reduces administrative burden, proving that less can often be more.

Track tasks to completion

While general actions aren’t held to the same level of regulatory scrutiny as CAPAs or NCRs, there is still value in tracking, distributing, and analyzing items for greater efficiency. Sending automatic reminders to your team for tasks that are overdue or coming due increases accountability and ensures everyone’s moving toward common goals.

Small leaks sink ships

Tracking general actions in a system optimized for doing so prevents lower-risk items from falling through the cracks and escalating to full-fledged issues that threaten performance, safety, and your bottom line. With the proper tools to manage these stand-alone items, along with other more complex activities, organizations gain visibility into operational performance at all levels.

Just as importantly, exposing all data to an ad hoc, in-memory reporting and analytics engine means that you can derive your insights and even create your own trigger-based notifications to keep interested stakeholders aware — all without involving IT.

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