Operating Experiences

Curb significant adverse events and trends through sharing

Stay on top of screening

Screening large amounts of industry operating experience can be a time consuming activity. By setting up automated feeds and routing events to the right individuals or teams for screening and reviews, you reduce the administrative burden associated with the process, allowing you to stay one step ahead of potential events.

Track follow-up actions

Whether follow-up actions are needed to prevent potential events or to respond to regulatory guidance, documenting and assigning these tasks with appropriate due dates helps ensure their completion.

Moreover, automated reminders, trigger-based notifications, and scheduled summary reports ensure that everyone is clear about what they’re working on, when it’s due, and what management’s expectations are.

Search mountains of data

Tracking operating experiences, especially when they include those from industry databases, can result in tremendous amounts of data — much of it unstructured in the form of text and attachments.

An in-memory search engine allows you to search through those mountains of data, including uploaded attachments, in milliseconds, then report and analyze the results. Finding patterns in shared operating experiences has never been easier.

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