System Health Reporting

Produce consistent, high-quality health evaluation reports

Get a top-down view

High-quality, accurate system health evaluations are often extremely time-consuming, error-prone, and hard to produce when data resides in various sources with inconsistent scoring. To produce and distribute accurate, reliable results to stakeholders with confidence, integration and automation are critical — which is why a RESTful web services API and a virtually limitless configuration capability are the best path to success.

And of course, summarizing the results in an easy-to-understand, graphical format doesn’t hurt either.

Eliminate barriers

A high-quality system health reporting solution eliminates many common obstacles by:

  • Providing a central, easy-to-use web interface for compiling information
  • Exposing integration points so systems of record can automatically populate their data
  • Managing evaluation criteria directly within the health report templates
  • Automating the routing of all necessary approvals

Generating top-down system health reports is hard enough on its own; there’s no reason to make it harder.

Retrieve the data you need

Besides letting you see the health of your system on a monthly or quarterly basis, with the full confidence of knowing that all important data is well represented, accurate, and timely, you can slice and dice the data however else you see fit, using a fully integrated, ad hoc reporting capability that doesn’t require IT or even IT skills.

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