Work Orders

Make it easy for people to complete their work

Set clear tasks

Workers don’t want to be inundated with extraneous information that isn’t necessary to complete their task — they just need to know what they need to do and by when. The ideal work execution solution:

  • Clearly communicates assignments and their due dates
  • Automatically notifies stakeholders as assignments are coming due or completed
  • Displays only what’s needed, when it’s needed
  • Requires minimal training

By fulfilling these key attributes, tasks stand a much better chance of being completed correctly, completely, and on time.

Modify as needed

Teams, workflows, processes, data, and business rules are constantly changing — sometimes due to changes in regulations, other times to market pressures, often just to management whims.

A no-code solution that is 100% configurable means that the software that helps employees execute work never has to deviate from the desired process for doing so — and since changing the software doesn’t require IT, keeping it up to date with organizational requirements is fast, easy, and cost-effective.

Get real-time insights

By letting managers and supervisors create their own ad hoc reports and automatic notifications, the power to stay abreast of developments in the field is finally in their hands, not IT’s.

After all, receiving real-time updates as work is completed should be as easy, fast, and intuitive as completing the work itself.

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